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'Sponge-Like' Titanium Foam Spinal Implant Strengthens Local Bone In-Growth

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    A surgical implant maker announced the first injection-molded titanium foam spinal implant of its kind, according to an embargoed release shared with Interesting Engineering.
    Optimized for bone in-growth and featuring a high strength-to-weight ratio, this invention represents a serious advance in medical science.
    The titanium implant — called "CancelleX porous titanium lumbar interbodies" — comes pre-attached to disposable, composite polymer instruments. Taking inspiration from cancellous bone and manufactured by Xenco Medical, the CancelleX lumbar interbodies feature interconnected porosity in every implant — which gives them the ability to "absorb" surrounding material like a sponge.
    The implant is designed to promote bone apposition (overgrowth and biological integration) and facilitate vascularization. It's made of titanium, so naturally it has high compressive strength — with a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, high biocompatibility, and even has the ability to produce capillary action through its structure.
    "Optimized for energy absorption and bone in-growth, the interconnected network of pores that permeate each CancelleX porous titanium implant serve to achieve bone-like mechanical properties," said Jason Haider, founder and CEO of Xenco Medical, in the embargoed press release shared with Interesting Engineering.